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Genetic testing represents a breakthrough in how we approach psychiatric treatment at Mynd Works Psychiatry. There are many different kinds of psychiatric medications on the market, and they can each have different effects on different people. Using GeneSight® genetic testing (also known as psychotropic testing or pharmacogenomics), our team can assess how your body might respond to various medications, allowing us to make more informed recommendations that maximize results while limiting side effects. Our practice also offers "The Works!" from MaxGen Labs, which combines multiple panels into one comprehensive report, testing 180 genetic variants to deliver an in-depth view of your overall health. Genetic testing empowers our team to deliver personalized mental health treatments for every patient — the Mynd Works Way. If you've had mixed results from certain medications in the past and want to learn more about how genetic testing can change how you manage your mental health, reach out to our practice to schedule an appointment online or in person at our Austin, TX office.

GeneSight pharmacogenomic testing can be done in-office at our Austin, TX practice or from the comfort of your home via a kit sent through the mail. The test works with a simple cheek swab that will be sent to GeneSight's lab, where it will be evaluated to identify specific genetic variations that might affect your body's response to common psychiatric medications. Once we have your results, we'll review them with you and build a treatment plan based on your unique profile and mental health needs.

"The Works!" genetics panel from MaxGen Labs is actually a combination of three tests — MaxFunction, MaxFood, and MaxFitness — designed to measure your overall wellness, any dietary sensitivities you might have, and 180 gene variants. The resulting report will provide our team a comprehensive view of your health, including your vitamin levels, stress levels, brain health, eating habits, cardiovascular health, and mental health. Using this information, we'll build a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to fit your needs while limiting side effects. Like the GeneSight test, the Max Gen Works test kit is shipped directly to your home, allowing you to understand your health and wellness even if you can't make it to our office.

Researchers estimate that more than 40% of individuals who have been prescribed antidepressants stop taking them within the first three months due to negative side effects or a lack of results. Genetic testing allows our providers to offer more precise treatment without resorting to trial-and-error. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • Reduces risk of unnecessary side effects
  • Allows our team to more quickly determine which medication is best for your situation
  • Allows for a more personalized approach to your mental health
  • Is covered by most insurance providers

Kathie is amazing. She has changed my world. It is so validating to have a brain map that shows me I don't have a character flaw, that I have a brain based disorder, that should be treated like any disorder, for example diabetes. She has found the right meds for me and I know my life is going to change once I start on the treatment.

M.M. Google

Good initial consult! Answered my questions and gave my followup information for treatment. Very helpful when moving back to Texas and needing to find a provider this month.

K.L. ZocDoc

Straight to the point and didn’t make me feel invalidated about my experiences. 10/10

C.P. ZocDoc

Kathie has really helped me feel like me again. She is kind and patient and doesn't give up even when it's tough.

K. ZocDoc

Kathie is a great listener, she's very personable, and she worked hard to find the best help for me. She was very thorough in asking about my history and symptoms before determining a path forward, and along the way has provided in-depth, careful check-ins to find what has worked and what hasn't. She has also provided very helpful counseling and referrals for other resources.

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At Mynd Works Psychiatry, we go beyond treating symptoms. Our approach combines our years of experience with the latest diagnostic and treatment tools to deliver rapid results for patients in Austin, TX and all over the Lone Star State. To learn more about genetic testing or the Mynd Works Way, we invite you to schedule a telehealth inquiry appointment or an in-person consultation at our practice in Austin, TX. Together, we'll find a solution to help you move forward positively.

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