Bipolar Disorder in Austin, TX

Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental health disorder that may cause dramatic mood swings and changes in a person's behavior. The term "bipolar disorder" actually refers to a collection of conditions that include bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymic disorder. While each form of bipolar disorder is different in intensity, most of them are characterized by alternating periods of mania and depression that can significantly interfere with a person's relationships, work, and routine. This condition often manifests in a person's younger years, though it can affect individuals of any age. If you or your child are experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder, including rapid changes in mood and energy levels, we invite you to schedule an in-person or telehealth consultation with Mynd Works Psychiatry. Our experienced mental health professionals are proud to work with patients in the Austin, TX area and from all over the state to help them get back to a more balanced life. Contact our team today to set up your mental health assessment with our compassionate providers.

During your initial consultation, we'll review the symptoms and feelings you're struggling with, in addition to learning more about your medical profile and family history. We might also perform brain wave analysis or genetic testing using our practice's advanced GeneSight® system to guide your treatment. Once we've diagnosed your condition, we'll discuss your options and build out a personalized bipolar disorder treatment plan. We offer a variety of treatments for bipolar disorder at Mynd Works Psychiatry, including mental health counseling, lifestyle guidance, and medication, to help stabilize a patient's moods and limit symptoms. Throughout your treatment program, we'll continue to check in on your mental health and adjust your treatment as needed.

At Mynd Works Psychiatry, we believe in a personalized approach to mental health, acknowledging that every patient's brain chemistry is unique. We utilize cutting-edge tools like genetic testing to delve deeper into your well-being. Our Elite concierge services offer unparalleled convenience, including immediate care, flexible appointment scheduling, and direct communication with your provider. Contact us to learn more about our tailored packages designed to enhance your mental health experience.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary, depending on which phase of the condition you're experiencing. Individuals who are in a manic episode might have the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty focusing on a single thought for long
  • Reckless or impulsive behavior
  • Feeling unusually energetic or high-spirited
  • Difficulty sleeping or sitting still

If you are in a depressive episode, you might experience:

  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation or interest in your normal hobbies
  • Negative thoughts that don't seem to have any trigger

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can be easily missed or mistaken as another condition, which is why we recommend scheduling a mental health assessment with our Austin, TX psychiatric team so we can properly diagnose your disorder.

Kathie is amazing. She has changed my world. It is so validating to have a brain map that shows me I don't have a character flaw, that I have a brain based disorder, that should be treated like any disorder, for example diabetes. She has found the right meds for me and I know my life is going to change once I start on the treatment.

M.M. Google

Good initial consult! Answered my questions and gave my followup information for treatment. Very helpful when moving back to Texas and needing to find a provider this month.

K.L. ZocDoc

Straight to the point and didn’t make me feel invalidated about my experiences. 10/10

C.P. ZocDoc

Kathie has really helped me feel like me again. She is kind and patient and doesn't give up even when it's tough.

K. ZocDoc

Kathie is a great listener, she's very personable, and she worked hard to find the best help for me. She was very thorough in asking about my history and symptoms before determining a path forward, and along the way has provided in-depth, careful check-ins to find what has worked and what hasn't. She has also provided very helpful counseling and referrals for other resources.

X. ZocDoc


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If you are having difficulty regulating your moods, emotions, or energy levels, you might be living with bipolar disorder. While this condition can be challenging, you don't have to let it keep you from enjoying a balanced, stable life. Reach out to our team at Mynd Works Psychiatry to arrange a consultation, and receive the compassionate care you deserve. Whether you live in the Austin, TX area or anywhere in the state, we're here to help you manage your mental health.

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