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Our Commitment


We are committed to helping people understand their current brain wave functioning and make recommendations for it to function at an optimal level. We look at memory, cognitive functioning, sleep and more. Although we are not a health care company, what we offer is taking all of the guess work out of a diagnosis and provide the groundwork to proper care through proven technologies that work.

Data Driven Psychiatric Care - Mynd Works - Austin, TX

What We Offer


We provide access to having a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (EEG) completed by one of our specialists followed by a personalized and comprehensive debrief provided by one of our neuroscientists.

Additionally, if you want to assess the balance in your life, we also offer a 1 hour coaching session that reveals imbalances and identifies where imbalances lie and the work that can be done to overcome them. This can be a a one-time session or multiple session depending on the issues you uncover, and if ongoing sessions are something you want to pursue. Ongoing coaching sessions are available for a separate fee.

Psychiatric Care


If you are struggling with certain treatment resistant psychiatric symptoms and do want to pursue the possibility of psychiatric medications, then we can help by scheduling you through Mynd Works Psychiatry at any time and help you determine a path that works for you.

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