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Adolescent Depression (Ages 14-17)

Teen depression is as real as childhood depression. In fact, the illness itself is similar, but the challenges for a teen are different than a child as they are in a different stage of development. Teens are also too are affected by genetics from each parent but are also dealing with peer pressure, academic expectations, sometimes bullying, along with hormonal and body changes. However, don’t be fooled by the old mindset “they’re just a teenager” as depression is real and so is suicide.

Some important signs of adolescent depression to look for include the following:

Conflict with family or friends

Crying spells

Depressed or sad mood

Difficulty thinking, focusing and making decisions

Exaggerated self-blame or guilt

Extreme sensitivity to rejection




Loss of appetite or overeating

Loss of interest in things that may have excited one in the past Physical Complaints (i.e. stomach aches, headaches)

Poor school performance

Sleep disturbance – too little or too much

Suicidal thoughts

Psychiatric Care


If an adolescent is struggling with certain treatment resistant psychiatric symptoms and they want to pursue the possibility of psychiatric medications, then we can help by scheduling them through Mynd Works Psychiatry at any time and help them determine a path that works for them.

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