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Genetic testing (more formally known as psychotropic testing or pharmacogenomics) is one of the latest advancements in psychiatric science. By testing certain genes, valuable information can be obtained about how the body metabolizes and is affected by certain medications. Although genetic testing for psychiatric medicine is not always an exact science, when used in correlation with PEER testing, it significantly reduces the amount of “trial and error” needed to find the ideal dosage by predicting potential side effects and their severity.

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It is estimated that around 40% of people stop taking their antidepressant in the first three months because of unpleasant side effects or because the medication is not effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is genetic testing right for me?


Genetic testing for psychiatric medications may be right for you if you have tried several antidepressants with little to
no success and have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant anxiety or depression. To determine if genetic testing
is right for you, schedule a consultation with Mynd Works Psychiatry today.

What genes are tested?


Pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic genes are tested. Pharmacokinetic genes provide information on how an
individual’s body breaks down certain medications, while pharmacodynamic genes provide information on how that
medication affects the body and the types of side effects it may cause.

How does genetic testing help to reduce potential side effects?


Side effects from antidepressant medications occur because a person’s genetic code ultimately determines how their body metabolizes the medication. People who metabolize the medication quickly may have fewer side effects, but require more medication, while people who metabolize the medication slowly may have more side effects caused by higher concentrations of the medication. Genetic testing provides information about an individual’s metabolic rate so the proper dosage of medication can be more accurately predicted.

What can I expect when having genetic testing?


At Mynd Works Psychiatry, we use a simple cheek swab to obtain cells that are then shipped to an outside genetic testing company. Within a few days, we will be able to discuss your results with you.


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