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At Mynd Works Psychiatry, we believe that we need to know “who” we are treating before we can know “how.” We accomplish this through an extensive initial evaluation with frequent and thorough follow-up sessions. During your initial evaluation, we will ask you the usual medical and health-related questions. However we don’t stop there. We also want to know YOUR STORY. We take our time with you to thoroughly discuss symptoms, past experiences with treatment, and future treatment goals. This is the first step in designing a treatment plan that places you at the center of your healing.

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Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry (PEER) is a database compiled of thousands of EEG results. This allows us to compare your EEG results with people who have similar brain activity to anticipate how your neurophysiology will respond to certain medications or treatments. By evaluating how other patients with similar brain patterns responded to certain medications, it helps us to identify which medications or treatments are most likely to be effective for you. This breakthrough technology helps to reduce the traditional “trial and error” approach to prescribing medications by finding medications that match your individual brain patterns.

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Another element of our treatment is genetic testing. Both PEER and genetic testing reduce the need for a “trial and error” approach to psychiatric medications. While PEER helps to determine the best type of medication, genetic testing offers valuable information about your DNA to determine how medications should be dosed to minimize or eliminate side effects.

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